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Registrations are still open!

Please Text or Call Christine at 780-977-2428 for details!



I have had to make a minor adjustment to the schedule for Team 1 and Team 2 as I had teams playing back to back against each other. 

Home Team Responsibilities

Just a reminder to all parents and coaches. 

The home team is responsible to work the clock and score keep.

There are clock instructions in the box and the time sheet is very simple.

The referee will place the time sheets in the box prior to every game and he will return them to me at the end of the night.  If parents can be proactive and approach the coach so they are not scrambling prior to the game that would be great.  It works out to only 5 times per Team so thank you in advance for helping out.




To view a copy of the rules, please check the news tab on the left side of the home page.

The schedule is up for next week for all divisions and for the entire schedule for Novice Division. It is still being decided on how best to move forward in Atom and Peewee hence only next week is posted




=Each Team plays 10 Games Total over 6 weeks- (4-weeks 2games, 2-weeks 1 game)
=Cost is $185.00 per player if registered before June 15th

=10 ice sessions (8 round robin games and 2 playoff games)
=14 players per team 13 skaters 1 goalie
=Bench Volunteers are required (minimum of 2 per bench) to instruct and lead the Team
=Requests to play with friends can generally be accommodated but not at the expense of 1 team becoming too strong.
=The Home Team is responsible to provide 1or2 Parents to run the Clock and Penalty gates.
=Week 1 each player plays 2 games. Player movement will occur before week 2 to ensure balanced teams for remainder of schedule.
=Only the Players being moved to another team will be notified
=Teams are formed based on registration information i.e. level played.

Players are grouped to create even teams.

Redwing Division Initiation/Novice Players born in 2007 -2005  (Stronger 2005's should play Atom)
Oiler Division Novice/Atom Players 2005-2003 (Stronger 2003's should play Peewee)
Flames Division Atom/Peewee Players 2003-2000


All games are played at the Spruce Grove Alberta, TLC (Tri-Leisure Centre)

=6:00-7:00 Novice Division
=7:15-8:15 Atom Division,
=8:30-9:30 Peewee Division

**players playing at a AA/Rep level this past season may be moved up a division
i.e. AA Atom player may be moved up to the Peewee division
**players playing at a House Level may be placed in the same division as last played
i.e. a second year Novice player that played House may stay in the Novice division rather than moving up to Atom where they may have to compete against Atom AA players


Christine Kronewitt


Thank you to our Sponsors:


4 on 4 Rules


United Cycle  4on4 Youth Hockey League

Season Rules – 2014

The following rules are for the benefit of all 4on4 participants:

Section I: Game Play Rules

1.       There is no INTENTIONAL BODY CHECKING allowed in the 4on4 Youth Hockey League.

2.       All 4on4 games are running time –– 3 X 15

3.       ICINGS are not called in games.

4.       TWO-LINE PASSES are not called.

5.       TAG UP OFF-SIDES - when players are offside, all must clear the offensive zone to the neutral zone before re-attacking in the offensive zone (Referee will coach the offending team out of the zone).

6.       Face-offs occur at the beginning of each period at center ice.

7.       Line Changes:

i)         Line changes will be done “on the fly” – no buzzer system.

8.       Scoring – A three-goal per period rule is in effect.  No individual player can score more than three goals in each period.  Timekeepers will track all scorers and post player number in the timekeeper’s box.  If a player scores a 4th  goal in any period, the goal will not count.

i)         When a player has three goals in a period, and is awarded a penalty shot – if this player scores on the penalty shot, the goal will count.  Timekeepers will keep track of all goals scored on penalty shots.

ii)       If a team is BEHIND BY THREE OR MORE GOALS, then all players are allowed to score – no limitations on goals per period (unless the gap is again closed to less than three goals behind).

9.       Change of possession

i)         OUT OF PLAY – When the puck goes out of play, the team not responsible for the stoppage in play will be awarded the puck.  A minimum of ten feet of clearance shall be given to resume play.  No face-off will occur.

ii)       GOAL SCORED – When a goal is scored, the scoring team is required to retreat back to the BLUE LINE until the puck is brought forward to the blue line by the team scored upon.  If the scoring team INTENTIONALLY touches the puck prior to clearing the blue line, a penalty shot will be awarded.  A team clearing the puck after being scored upon has only 10 seconds to proceed past the blue line, or a delay of game penalty will be called.

iii)      GOALIE FREEZES PUCK – The goalie has 10 seconds to get rid of the puck.  If the goalie hangs onto the puck for more than 10 seconds a delay of game penalty may be assessed.  The attacking team is required to clear the hash marks on the face-off circles until the puck is played forward.  If the attacking team intentionally touches the puck prior to the other team advancing forward, a penalty shot will be awarded.

10.    Pulled Goalie – Teams may pull their goalie for an extra attacker only in the LAST 3 MINUTES of a game, or on delayed penalty calls.

11.    Goalies cannot play the puck past the blue line.

Section Ia. – Shoot out

1.       Each game will conclude with a 4 player shootout for an extra point.

2.       4 different players will participate on each team.

3.       Each player must participate in 3 shootouts.

4.       If the shootout is tied, go back to 1st shootout player for each team then 2nd etc until someone wins

5.       Only the 4 players on the game sheet at the start of the game can participate in the shootout and must shoot in order. The coach for each team is responsible for writing in the shootout participants prior to puck drop.

Section II – Roster and Eligibility Rules

1.       Please forward any concerns in writing to Christine at

2.       All coaches are required to make every effort to ensure EQUAL ICE TIME for all 4on4 participants.

3.       Every 4on4 participant must have filled out a registration/waiver form (including parent’s signature) prior to the first game.

Section III – Penalties

1.       All minor penalties will result in a penalty shot.

Penalty Shot Procedure

When a penalty is called, the clock will not stop.

*                   Penalty shot must be taken by the player infracted upon (if applicable) and all players on the ice must remain there until the shot is taken.

The player taking the penalty shot will line up at centre ice.

All other players from both teams will line up by the far blue line.

All players will start from a standing position.

Referee will blow the whistle to start play.

No other players on ice can start skating until the player taking the penalty shot has crossed the blue line.  Should the player miss the penalty shot, play will continue (Same for all facilities).

If a goal is scored, players must clear the zone as normal.









2.       Any individual receiving 3 minor penalties in one game will receive a game ejection on the 4th infraction.

3.       Coincidental minor penalties will result in no penalty shots for either team – but the timekeeper will mark this penalty down to be counted toward the maximum of 3 minor penalties before receiving a game ejection.  Coincidental minor penalties will result in a face-off at centre ice.

4.       A major penalty will result in the offending player(s) ejection from the game and two goals being awarded to the opposing team.

5.       Any major penalty will be written up on an incident report by the referee and will be reviewed by the league managers to determine the length of the suspension for offending players.  Under no circumstances will fighting be permitted in 4on4.  Expulsion from the league may result.  A player suspended or expelled from the league for any reason will not be entitled to any refund or credit.

6.       All game ejections in the 3rd period will be reviewed by league managers.

7.       In the event that there is no goalie on a team and a penalty is called against that team, the goal will automatically be awarded (rather than having a player take a shot on an empty net).

8.       If a delayed penalty is called near the end of the game and the clock runs out, and where an additional goal would change the outcome of the game, the penalty shot will be taken.

9.       During the course of the game, the referee’s decision is final.  A zero tolerance approach will be used by the referee towards aggressive and/or abusive coaches, players and spectators.  A review of incidents involving inappropriate behaviour will be conducted by league managers with possible disciplinary actions taken.


    Section IV – Other

  1. There is a 3 minute time limit for warm-ups prior to the start of the games.
  2. It is at the league manager’s discretion to move players and/or teams in order to create balanced divisions.  While we will attempt to honour player requests, groups of players will not be permitted to play on the same team to the detriment of the division as a whole.

3.     Code of Conduct -the standard of behaviour that is expected of all 4 on 4 Youth Hockey League members which, for the purpose of this code includes players, coaches, volunteers and spectators.  We are committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect.  In particular, behaviour which constitutes harassment or abuse will not be tolerated.  Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action.

Posted on 07/09/2014